Privacy Statement

in which we inform You, as visitor of our website or the user of our services, about the rule of our Company in connection with data privacy and data protection.

1. Which principles do we follow during data privacy?

Our Company follows the following principles during data privacy:

  1. We handle the personal data legally and fair, and transparently for you.
  2. We collect the personal data only for specified, clear and legal purpose and we do not handle them in a method, which is inconsistent with the purposes.
  3. Our Company takes all reasonable actions in order to that the data handled by us should be accurate and up-to-date in case of need; we immediately cancel or correct the inaccurate personal data.
  4. We store the personal data in such form, that you can be identified only during the time needed to achieve the purpose of the personal data privacy.

Our Company treats your personal data

  1. according to your voluntary acceptance, based on prior information and only to the necessary extent and in all case tied to the purpose, so we collect, record, set out, store and use the data.
  2. in certain cases handling your data is based on legal requirements and is compulsory, in these cases we specially take your attention in this fact.

2. Data processor

Name of the Company:
Molnár és Bányai Kft.
1023 Budapest, Bécsi út 3-5.
Central Office
E-mail address:
Registration number:
Cg. 01-09-668373
VAT number:

Data processor in connection with our services:

Anna Csillag-Horváth newsletter/information letter
Péter Gulyás
proposal and applicant for job
Gabriella Horváth
applicant for job
Dóra Molnár
applicant for job
Judit Sebők
applicant for job
Julianna Varga
applicant for job

If we amend the members of our data administrator, we will write the change in this statement.

Data handled by us:

Name of the activity and the purpose of handling the data Legal basis Handled data Duration
Applying for a job
Purpose: calling the applicant in and interviewing them
acceptance First name, last name, name of the Company, e-mail address for 1 year
Purpose: making offer customized to the demands of the client
acceptance First name, last name, name of the Company, e-mail address for 1 year
Newsletter/Information letter service
Purpose: provide useful and goal-oriented information
acceptance Full name, e-mail address, name of the Company till unsubscribe from the newsletter
Ügyintézés, panasz
észrevételre, panaszra válaszadás
legal obligation full name, e-mail address, phone number, mail address for 1 year

You can ask for further information in connection with questions about data privacy by sending e-mail to e-mail address, or through our postal address, we will send our answer without any delay to the contact defined by you.

3. What are the cookies and how do we handle them?

Cookies are small files, which are stored in your computer from the website, while using the website in the way that they are downloaded and stored by your web browser. The majority of the most frequently used web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accept and allow the downloads and usage of the cookies as basic set up, however it depends on you, that you reject or forbid these with the change of the browser’s set up, moreover you can also cancel the cookies stored already on your computer. You can get further information about the usage of the cookies from the certain browser’s “help” menu.

There are such cookies, to which your prior acceptance is not necessary. About these you get brief information from our website at the beginning of your first visit; these are, for example, session cookies supporting the certification, the multimedia player, the load balancing, the customization of the user’s interface, and the user-oriented security cookies.

Our Company provides information to you about the cookies, to which acceptance is necessary - when the data treating starts already with the visit to the website – at the beginning of the first visit and we ask for your acceptance.

Our Company does not use and does not allow cookies which support third parties to collect data without your acceptance.

The acceptance of the cookies is not compulsory, however our Company does not take responsibility for the case, when, in default of the acceptance of the cookies, our website does not operate as expected.

What type of cookies do we use?

Type Name Acceptance Description Purpose Validity
system cookies   not require the session cookie of the web application’s firewall, which serves to prevent the misuse against the cross-reference To endure the operation of the website end of browser session
tracking cookies   require for customization To observe of your setup
To increase the efficiency of our service
90 day
tracking cookies
(from third party)
  not require úfor the identification of new sessions and visitors, the Google Analytics web tracking service downloads To connect to third parties’ (e.g. Google) services during visiting the website 90 day

You can read about third party cookies in details in the following link, and here about data protection.

4. What should you also know about the data privacy in connection with our website

You provide your personal data to us voluntary during the registration or communication with our Company, therefore we ask you, when you give your data, take care increasingly their actuality, correctness and accuracy, because you are responsible for this.

If you provide personal data, which are not yours, but other person’s, then we suppose that you have entitlement, which is necessary for this.

You can cancel the acceptance given for data privacy anytime for free

We undertake the request for cancelling the acceptance – for technical reasons – with 30 days deadline; however, we would like to take your attention to that we will handle certain data after the cancellation of the acceptance for purpose of fulfilling our legal obligation or asserting our legal interest.

In case of using misleading personal data, or if any of our visitors commit a fault or attack our Company’s system, we cancel immediately the data in the same time as cancelling the visitor’s registration, and – in case of need – we store them for the duration of the consideration of the responsibility according to the common law or for the duration of the criminal procedure.

5. What should you know about our data privacy in connection with the newsletter/information letter?

With the registration and personal application, moreover with your declaration in the contract of services (i.e. with clear expression of your intention of accepting), you give us your acceptance to handle your personal data to send information letters to you, in order to grant service in higher level, and grant efficient work. In this case – until the cancellation of the acceptance – we also handle your data in order to send handful and goal-oriented information and forward you newsletters.

We undertake the registration of cancelling or repealing certain acceptance, and the unsubscribe – for technical reasons – with 30 days deadline.

6. Other question regarding data privacy

We can forward your personal data in the context, which is defined by the law, in the case of our data administrator we grant, with stipulation of conditions in the contracts, that they can not use your personal data, for purposes which is against to your acceptance.

Our company do not forward data to abroad.

The court, the prosecutor and other authorities (e.g. police, tax authority, National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) can contact with our Company in order to give them information, provide them data or make available some documents for them. In this case we have to fulfil our obligation of data providing, but only on the level which is essentially necessary for the realisation of the purpose of the request.

The contributors and employees, which take part in handling and processing the data in our Company can know your personal data– with obligation of secrecy –in an extent which is defined in advance.

We protect your personal data with appropriate technical and other actions, and we grant the protection and the availability of the data, moreover we save them from the unauthorized access, changes, damages, publicity and from any other unauthorized usage.

In the context of organizational actions, we control the physical access in our buildings, continuously train our employees and store the paper documents locked with appropriate protection. In the context of the technical actions we use encryption, password protection and antivirus software. However we would attract your attention for that the data forwarding via internet can not be considered as completely secure data forwarding.

In connection with the security question, we would ask your support in that, you should save carefully your password for our website/intranet and do not tell it to anyone.

7. What are your rights and opportunities for legal remedy?

About the data privacy you can

Supervisory Authority:
Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság
HU-1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11
Postal address:
1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.
Phone number:
+36 (1) 391-1400
+36 (1) 391-1410

For your request, we give you information about your handled or by us – or by our entrusted data administrator - processed

We give you information within the shortest possible time from the submission of the request, but at most within 1 month. Providing information is free, however if the request of the concerned person clearly unfounded or – especially due to its repeated nature – excessive, the data administrator, considering of administration costs from the providing of the required information or notification or from the process of the required action:

  1. can charge a reasonable price, or
  2. can refuse the proceedings according to the request.

The data administrator has the obligation to prove that the request is clearly unfounded or excessive.

Our company inform you and all, to who the data were forwarded earlier in order to data privacy, about amending, locking, marking and cancelling of the personal data, except if the lagging of the notification does not violate your legitimate interest.

8. What are the main normative regulations for our activities?

9. Amendment of Data Privacy Statement

Our Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement, about which it will inform each interested persons in the appropriate way. The information in connection to data privacy is published on website.

25 May 2018