Our services

Accounting Advisory

  • Forming accounting and information system
  • Introducing accounting based on EUR, USD
  • Reports and statements in Hungarian or in a foreign language
  • Participation in creating annual reports, periodical reports, concern reports  
  • Preparation of Accounting policies
  • Consultancy in connection with transformation
  • Varga Julianna 
  • Horváth Gabriella 

Tax advisory

  • Preparation of tax declaration for companies and for individuals
  • Tax advisory for companies and for individuals
  • Tax review
  • Tax Authority representation
  • Szabados Éva 

Payroll services

  • Formation of labour and payroll relating systems
  • Administration of labour and payroll relating register
  • Payroll and register
  • Social security administration, pay-office service
  • Employer statements, reports
  • Consultancy in connection with wages and other benefits
  • Preparation of statements and evaluations in Hungarian and in a foreign language
  • Preparation of labour policies
  • Formation of cafeteria system
  • Földes Katalin 


  • Complex bookkeeping with our or external accounting system
  • Bookkeeping at the seat of clients
  • Review of bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping in EUR, USD
  • Introducing and controlling the accounting systems
  • Review of the monthly/annually accounting closure
  • Varga Julianna 
  • Horváth Gabriella 

Tranferpricing services

  • Preparation of transfer-pricing documentation
  • AMADEUS benchmark studies
  • Transferprice registration
  • Review and correction of transfer-pricing documentation
  • Gulyás Péter 

Corporate finance

  • Business plan and calculation of key performance indicators
  • Support of finance
  • Preparation of business and finance constructions
  • Market analysis
  • Advisory in respect of complex business models
  • Gulyás Péter 

Assurance services

  • Audit according to Hungarian accounting law
  • Audit according to international (IFRS) accounting principles
  • Review of consolidated annual report
  • Audit of merge and acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • dr. Molnár Barna 
  • Gulyás Péter 

Legal services

  • Corporate law: foundation of companies, merge and acquisition, firm alteration
  • Tax law: representation of international tax affairs, review and preparation of contracts from tax point of view
  • Common law: review of commercial contracts, law-cases
  • Labour law: labour contract and agreement, preparation of labour policies
  • Real estate cases: real estate development, acquisition and sale
  • Representation for authorities
  • Continuous information of change of laws and regulation
  • dr. Molnár Bálint 

Interim management services

  • GAP management
  • Change management
  • Turnaround management
  • EXIT management
  • Gulyás Péter 

HR services

  • HR consultancy (search, selection)
  • Organization development (training- and performance review system)
  • Coaching
  • Employer branding
  • Organizing trainee programs
  • Developing on-boarding strategy
  • Optimalization of compensation system
  • Planning management replacement
  • Molnár Dóra 

IFRS advisory

  • Consultancy in the case of the conversion to IFRS
  • Creation of annual, periodical, individual or consolidated IFRS report also in a foreign language
  • Conversion of the reports created according to the domestic standards to financial statements based on IFRS
  • Calculation of deferred taxes
  • Supporting the audit based on IFRS 
  • Gulyás Péter 

GDPR advisory

  • Review of the organization
  • Making suggestions regarding correspondence to the GDPR
  • Preparation of the documentation determined in the law
  • Follow-up measures, continuous consultancy
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) service
  • Gulyás Péter